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  Nick Strickland Custom Homes treats each customer as we would want the customer to treat us. Uncompromising warranty and customer service is a trademark with Nick.

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james_p Lynn & James





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We recently finished the construction of a new home and would like to share the experience that we had. Nick hit the ground running on day one - laying out the construction schedule and going over in detail what decisions would need to be made and when.
We worked daily with Nick Strickland and can honestly say that we had a great overall experience. Nick not only managed the building project but had the working relationship with the sub­contractors. While we never imposed any completion deadlines, Nick managed the building process like the professional that he is. He kept the project running smoothly and on time. Nick organized the process to insure that the house never sat for any length of time. You could tell that the relationship with his sub­contractors was built by Nick Strickland on years of loyalty and mutual respect for each other. Whenever items needed attention or did not fully meet our expectations, Nick had his "subs" out immediately to address the matter until it was resolved to our full satisfaction. We had direct contact with many of the sub-contractors and found them to be very professional and always willing to work their schedules around our timeline needs.
We are now enjoying our home and are very happy with the outcome. We have a very well built house that will last us our lifetime. Many of our friends and family members have commented favorably on the visual appeal and the quality of the finish out in our home. You hear many stories about people who have not had pleasant building experiences but we have to say that we enjoyed almost the entire process. We would highly recommend Nick to anyone who is considering building a home.
We have both been in banking for 25 plus years and have personally observed many residential construction projects. Without reservation, we believe that Nick Strickland managed our project as well or better than any other that we have seen.

Ron Ron

Let this letter serve as a reference of Nick Strickland. My name is Ron Berlin and I am a developer in the Metroplex of residential lots in the far North Dallas Suburbs and a Retail Developer as will as a land investor. Everyone knows I am a perfectionist and a stickler on detail. Nick built our family two homes one on Lindenwood in Highland Park and the other on Southwestern in University Park. They were both over 5,000 feet and were both built with a eye for detail and attention.
I have always said if we were to build another home I would have Nick Strickland build it because of his integrity. He always did what is right if something needed to be followed up on and one I can trust the cost or my dollars with. When the homes were sold to us it was not an exit at the closing table but a continued relationship. Most builders would immediately distance themselves and hope for no calls from the buyer. Nick did not take that approach and followed through on the smallest of request or detail.
I would highly recommend Nick to build or remodel for anyone who wanted detail and follow up as well as being cost sensitive along the way. He is experienced in materials and new products and designs in the market place as well. I would be happy to discuss our story with anyone desires of his services.

marcia o David & Marcia





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Nick Strickland was the project manager, responsible for the construction and subsequent modification of, our new home in- Dallas. It was a pleasure to work with him. Nothing was too much trouble, his completion estimates were accurate and the overall quality of the work was excellent. He and his employees were courteous, clean and considerate of our requirements often suggesting 'no extra cost' improvements as we went along. We have no hesitation in recommending Nick to future homeowners.

Jim_P Jim





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I wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you had done for us in building our new home. We entered into the purchase contract dose to the completion of the residence and you were extraordinary in allowing us to make the necessary changes to fully customize our residence. You were responsive, always available day and night to meet and evaluate the completion schedules with us, so we were able to move in on time and with minimal disruption in spite of our numerous change orders. Your professionalism and innate level of integrity in doing business is a significant attribute we wished all builders possessed. You always responded quickly to any questions or concerns. Your follow-up and communication post closing was refreshing as you rapidly took care of any issues that had arisen.
I greatly appreciate your talents and wish you much success in the future. We are certainly enjoying our new home – thanks to you!

Gary Gary

I have known Nick for many years and knew about his reputation as a top-tier homebuilder. So when I required my own remodel/refurbishment project for my own home, I immediately thought about having Nick help with the project. I knew that the project would involve multiple subcontractors spanning multiple disciplines, and I also realized that I didn't have the time or knowledge to effectively arrange, coordinate, and supervise all of the required subcontractors. So I enlisted Nick to help with those tasks, and he was instrumental in arranging the various trustworthy subcontractors which he knew from his previous experience would do good work.

Nick helped define the work effort and secure the required bids from each of the subs, and then personally supervised each of them in accomplishing their specific work on my home. Nick was very attentive during the entire process, checking multiple times during the day on the sub's progress and work, and often checking with me nightly about any questions we had regarding the ongoing work or scheduling. In the end all of the subcontractors that Nick managed accomplished their respective jobs in a timely manner, and the work performed was first-rate. You can trust Nick to manage your own remodeling work, and I can recommend him without reservation to be your consultant for your project.

Lori Lori

I highly recommend Nick Strickland as a home builder. He helped us do a complete gut and remodel on our house in Preston Hollow and we could not be happier with the outcome. Nick brings years of experience, knowledge, a strong work ethic and sense of commitment and, perhaps most importantly, superb subcontractors to the table. Nick is also a really nice guy. Before we did our remodel with Nick we had heard horror stories from people building or remodeling their home with other builders. I have no bad stories to tell. While there are always stresses in building/remodeling a home, Nick works very hard 100% of the time to smooth out those stresses and make the process the best it can be.
I would be willing to talk with anyone considering using Nick Strickland to build their home. February 9, 2011

terri Terri

I would like to recommend Nick Strickland as one of the finest homebuilders that I have ever known or worked with. Having known Nick for over 27 years as a business associate and friend, I have seen why Nick is successful at his work: He makes certain that he is constantly updating his knowledge of materials, construction, vendors, the market, design and every aspect of this business. He personally stays on top of the process of building each home on a day to day basis until the homeowner is satisfied, if not thrilled. Nick works and acts as a professional with moral and ethical character at all times. I have worked as a designer for Nick and/or his homeowners and have never had a bad experience. Nick works hard to make things right, even in difficult situations.  Nick built a home for me, as well, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Ed_p Ed

This letter is my personal recommendation for Nick Strickland. I met Nick more than 18 years ago when he agreed to be the construction management builder consultant for me on several custom home projects, as well as my personal house. I was a new home sales manager for a number of years and needed a consummate professional to assist me with every aspect of custom home construction when I started building homes. Nick provided leadership and guidance through every step of the custom home building process including lot acquisition, house plans, permits, site prep, sub contractor acquisition and management, material selection, and purchasing, and most importantly his precise day to day project management system. I had worked with numerous builders prior to meeting Nick and not one was in his league. I have watched Nick successfully manage the construction of numerous multi-million dollar luxury homes in the Park Cities and Dallas Preston Hollow neighborhoods and I know of no one in the custom home construction business better qualified than Nick Strickland.  I can unequivocally assure your satisfaction with a home that Nick builds for you, just ask anyone living in a home he has built.

Diane Diane

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I have enjoyed the remodeling work that Nick Strickland's crew did on our home. When we decided to remodel both the kitchen and the master bath, I told Nick what I wanted done and he had the plans drawn to suit my wishes. Both the kitchen and the bath needed a complete overhaul. I wound up with more cabinets in the kitchen than I expected. We have really enjoyed the use of these rooms since the remodeling was completed.

Tom Tom

Dear Nick, please accept this letter as my recommendation of you as a very qualified homebuilder. Our home was a large and complicated project with a lot of details to be managed. Not only was it completed on time, but the attention to detail and quality of workmanship was superb. We have been in the house for almost two years now and have experienced very few call-backs. When we needed follow on service you provided it in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend you to anyone that wanted to build a fine home.

Diane Diane

Nick Strickland built a house for me in 1999. Nick is unlike any other builder I have ever worked with. Unlike most people Nick understands the stress that comes along with building a house. He was honest with me and was concerned about making things right. He was always cooperative and straightforward and I truly got the sense that he cared about making the house just the way I wanted it. Nick is also very dependable, whenever I had a question or concern,  I could reach him day or night. It’s obvious that he has a high level commitment to each and every one of his projects.   Many people take a job for the money, and rarely enjoy a day at work; Nick though, loves what he does.  In my experience, I have never seen someone with his level of devotion.  I have nothing but the best to say about Nick, and anytime someone compliments the house, I’m proud to say that Nick Strickland built it.

Meredith Meridith

My family and I have been in our home for 10 years and decided it was time to spruce up. Not knowing where to begin, a friend of ours gave us Nick’s name and suggested we call him. His consulting on this project has been invaluable. He had some wonderful suggestions and the sub contractors he sent over have been nothing but professional.

George George

Approximately seven years ago, my wife and I embarked on a journey to build a new home, from the ground up, design to finished product.  This was a first for us and we were very careful in selection of a prime building contractor.  We had the opportunity to work closely with Nick Strickland and we found Nick to be very knowledgeable, professional, courteous and easy to work with.  We were very pleased throughout the entire process and particularly with the finished home. I would be pleased to recommend Nick and his company to prospective new home builders.

Hubert Hubert
I am writing this letter on behalf of Nick Strickland. I met Nick in connection with our purchase of a home.  We discussed the construction of the home with him prior to our purchase and then worked with him afterwards on certain finish-out items and “punch list” items. In my dealings with Nick, I found him to be very competent, responsive, and honest. He also seemed to have a good relationship with the various subcontractors who worked on the house.
Lisa Lisa

To whom it may concern: My home was built in 2005.  Nick Strickland was assigned to oversee the construction of our home.  Whenever I had a question or an issue that needed an immediate and/or complicated resolution Nick was consistently quick to respond and always willing to do whatever necessary to make sure I got the answer I was looking for. Nick is a good listener and an excellent problem solver. I would definitely use Nick to build another home for me and would recommend Nick to prospective clients.

Lou Lou

This letter is in reference to the outstanding work that Nick Strickland performed on our house, prior to my wife and I moving in. We purchased the house as a new 3 bedroom home and wanted it transformed into a 4 bedroom home with multiple upgrades throughout the structure. Nick did a great job, not only planning and building the additional bedroom which included the sleeping area, bathroom, storage area, closet and additional air conditioning system; he also managed the change in fireplace material and design, built the media room and cabinets and rebuilt numerous doors throughout the house. This was all done while keep the house clean and presentable.

Whenever we needed any upgrades or modifications since we moved in such as a change in doors, we called Nick and he fixed or replaced everything required to make the house perfect. I would have no issues using Nick for any home construction, upgrades or modifications.

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